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Sandton Hotel Kasese

Sandton Hotel Kasese Location and Overview

Sandton Hotel is a 3-star safari accommodation facility located in the heart of Kasese town in Western Uganda. The hotel is a convenient lodging for the ardent tourist desiring to explore the key attractions in Western Uganda.

Sandton Hotel Kasese Facilities


Sandton Hotel features 55 rooms; 15 singles, 20 doubles, 10 twins, and 10 double deluxe rooms. The rooms are air-conditioned and self-contained with comfortable beds, satellite televisions, wardrobes, bedside tables and ensuite bathrooms.

Restaurant and bar

The restaurant serves continental and international dishes prepared by experienced chefs and cooking staff. A complimentary English breakfast is served every morning and special dietary requirements are taken care of by the professional chefs.

The on-site bar has an assortment of beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Drinks can be enjoyed from any place of your choice; bar, private balcony, restaurant or terrace. The hotel has amiable and dedicated staff.

Good power supply

The hotel has a supply of electricity for all its facilities, the rooms have good lighting and guests can watch television whenever they want. The hotel has a standby generator to provide power in the instance of a power blackout.

Running water

Sandton Hotel has a supply of running water in all its facilities including a supply of both hot and cold water in the ensuite and outside bathrooms. Regular housekeeping and cleaning are done regularly to ensure a commendable hygiene.

Other amenities

  • Satellite televisions in the rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Ample parking space
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Instant water heaters
  • Air conditioning in rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Mountain/volcano climbing
  • Hikes and nature walks
  • Bird watching excursions
  • Canoeing and fishing
  • Guided Forest Walks
  • Community tours
  • Cultural Encounters

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