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Kibale forest Camp

Kibale Forest Camp Location & overview

Kibale Forest Camp is located outside the Southern part of Kibale National Park near Magombe swamp. The camp is within 10 minutes driving distance from Kanyanchu visitor centre, a very good place to begin chimpanzee trekking.

Kibale Forest Camp is comprised of both budget/midrange and luxury accommodation; seven non-self-contained tents consisting of a comfortable bed, bedside table and a power outlet for charging phones and other gadgets, for each tent. There is a common block where the bathroom and toilet facilities are found.

On the other hand, the camp has 10 luxury African safari tents which are well furnished and self-contained. Each unit has an ensuite bathroom, hot water shower and a flush toilet facility. Every tent has a private veranda from which one can sit and observe nature in its bountifulness.

Kibale Forest Camp Range

The Camp is a moderate – luxury safari accommodation facility. The prices and charges vary depending on the accommodation you choose.

Kibale Forest Camp Facilities

Self-contained and non-self-contained tents

Kibale Camp is designed to offer both budgets and upmarket accommodation; it has 7 non-self-contained tents to accommodate those operating on a strict budget and 10 self-contained tents having ensuite bathroom facilities and private verandas. The tents are spread across lush forest greenery and monkeys are occasionally seen and heard chattering in the tree branches.

Kibale Forest Camp Restaurant & bar

The restaurant serves breakfast, 2-course lunches and 4-course dinners from both international and local recipes. Special dietary requirements are also taken care of by the camp’s professional chefs. The bar is stocked with a variety of beverages including hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The location of the restaurant and bar in an open wooden grass-thatched building offers a spectacular view of the well-maintained gardens and lush greenery.

Good power supply 

Kibale Camp has a supply of electricity to give light in all its facilities and allow recharging of phones and other electronic devices. One is sure to continue performing their tasks on phone and the computer without any inconvenience.

Running water

The camp has a good water supply in all its facilities, with the bathrooms having a supply of both hot and cold water.

Other amenities 

  •   Well trained staff
  •   Laundry & dry cleaning
  •   24/7 security
  •   Reliable Wi-Fi
  •   Ample parking space


  •   Chimpanzee trekking
  •   Chimpanzee habituation experience
  •   Bird watching
  •   Nocturnal forest walks
  •   Exploration of the crater lakes
  •   Visit the tea estates
  •   Nature walks in Bigodi wetland sanctuary

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