Budongo Eco Lodge Location and Overview

Budongo Eco Lodge is an elegant standard safari accommodation facility situated in Budongo Forest Reserve within Murchison Falls National Park Uganda’s largest national park.

The reserve is harbours about 600 individual chimpanzees and 8 other primate species. It is also a habitat for over 360 bird species. The innumerable attractions in Budongo Forest Reserve make Budongo Eco Lodge the ideal safari holiday accommodation facility for avid naturalist.

The lodge’s facilities were built on environment preservation principles to minimise the negative impact of construction and development on the natural environment. The eco-cabins and dormitories were built using natural eco-friendly materials to keep in harmony with nature.

Budongo Eco Lodge Range

Budongo Eco Lodge is a midrange – budget safari accommodation facility

Budongo Eco Lodge Facilities


Budongo Eco Lodge is comprised of 5 eco-cabins and 4 dormitory rooms. The cabins which are tucked way in the privacy of the pristine forest were constructed using traditional materials to minimise the negative impact on the environment. Each one of the cabins is spacious and well furnished with large twin or double beds, a sitting area, ensuite bathroom and private deck looking out to the forest and its vibrant wildlife.

Each of the four dormitory rooms has 2 double-deckers all draped with mosquito nets. Adjacent to the rooms is a block with communal bathrooms and toilets. The facility has a supply of running hot and cold water.

Restaurant & bar

The lodge’s restaurant has a local and international menu from which guests can choose. The professional chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes which can be enjoyed from inside the restaurant or outside on the terrace while taking in the sounds and sweet flower scents emanating from the surrounding forest.

The lodge has a fully stocked bar which serves all sorts of beverages including fresh Ugandan brewed coffee, iced tea, cocktails, sodas, beers, wine, whiskey, spirits, water, all served depending on the guest’s preference.

Visitor’s centre

The visitor’s centre is stunningly gorgeous and welcoming. The place is designed using peculiar yet beautiful crafts and art pieces reflecting the jungle – there is an assortment of animal skeletons, and fossils, snares used by the infamous poachers, and the artistic greenery reflecting a dense forest. The centre’s mini-library allows reading a book while you sit back in the cosy couches.

Craft shop

The lode has a craft shop found at the visitors’ centre where can guests can purchase souvenirs to remind them of their safari holiday in one of Uganda’s treasured forest reserves. The shop has an assortment of handmade crafts including; colourful postcards, paper-bead necklaces, handwoven baskets, paper craft notebooks and guide books.

Solar power supply

Budongo Eco Lodge has a supply of the eco-friendly solar electricity to give light to all its accommodation facilities. Since the lodge is located in a dense rainforest environment, the solar system may not charge as expected. In this case, guests are provided with kerosene lamps which they pick from the reception. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are charged at the reception.

Running water

Budongo Eco Lodge has a supply of running water in its facilities including a provision of both hot and cold water in the bathrooms. The lodge’s hygiene is commendable – housekeeping, laundry services and all kind of cleaning and washing are possible because of an adequate water supply.

Other amenities

  • Well trained and hospitable staff
  • Housekeeping and room service
  • Ample parking space
  • Free Wi-Fi access In public areas
  • Terrace and gardens
  • 24/7 security


  • Chimpanzee trekking and habituation experience
  • Birdwatching in Kaniyo Pabidi area
  • Bush breakfasts
  • Guided nature walks
  • Forest walks in Budongo forest
  • Community visits

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