Buhoma Community Rest Camp Location

Buhoma community rest camp is located in the Buhoma section of Bwindi impenetrable forest in an area convenient for gorilla trekking. Stationed on an elevated ground, the lodging offers you a spectacular view of Bwindi impenetrable forest and the best view from which to relish the beauty of the setting sun. The camp’s nearness to the forest makes occasional visits from gorillas inevitable.

Buhoma Community Rest Camp Overview

Buhoma community rest camp is a complex of 6 well furnished and self-contained safari tents, 3 self-contained cottages, 2 non-self contained twin cottage Bandas and a 6-bed dormitory as well as several campsites. The camp lodges are dominantly designed with traditional African raw materials. The camp has a typical African architectural outlook.

Since its inception in 1993, Buhoma community rest camp has existed as a great pillar in the Buhoma  Community Development Association (BCDA). The association has over 7000 community members benefiting from its financial proceedings. A  percentage of the money collected from the lodge is used to support the community hospital, school and other community-based projects.

Buhoma Community Rest Camp Range

Buhoma community rest camp is ranked as a standard/mid-range to budget/affordable/downmarket accommodation facility. The prices/costs vary on the basis of the accommodation you choose and amenities included. The camp is the perfect getaway for someone working on a tight budget.

Buhoma Community Rest Camp Facilities

Cottages, tents, and dormitories

The Buhoma community camp facility has 6 well furnished and self-contained safari tents, 3 self-contained cottages, 2 non-self-contained twin cottage Bandas, a 6-bed dormitory and campsites. The camp’s lodging facilities are modest, clean and comfortable.


Buhoma community rest camp has a well-maintained camping ground lying close to Bwindi forest. The passionate naturalist can camp in this place to enjoy the great outdoors. A campfire can be lit on your request and you can enjoy great presentations from local music, dance and drama groups.

Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant has professional cooking staff who prepare both local and international cuisines. You are sure to enjoy a great breakfast, lunch and dinner served on basis of your preference.

The camp also has a fully stocked bar having a variety of drinks and beverages including, beers, wine, gin, spirits, water, soda, juice and many more.

Curio shop

This is an art and craft shop having an assortment of sculptures, paintings, bags, baskets, women accessories and jewellery has woven and crafted from wood, local fabrics and materials. You can buy a souvenir from this place to remind you of your visit to Uganda’s formidable Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Good power supply

The camp has a supply of solar electricity running from 7 pm to 7 am in the morning. In addition to this, the rooms are supplied with candles and flashlights to use in case of a power shortage

Running Water

The camp has a supply of running water, including a hot water supply in the bathrooms to allow you a hot bath especially on cold mornings. While staying at the camp, you can engage in any activities without fearing a water shortage.

Other amenities 

  •   Devoted and well-trained staff who are available to serve you at your beck and call.
  •   Laundry services at a measly cost
  •   24-hour security
  •   Ample parking ground
  •   Phone and gadget charging
  •   Entertainment provided by local Dance and Drama groups

Buhoma Community Rest Camp Activities

Staying at Buhoma community rest camp will not be a boring experience because there is a series of activities you can engage in for a great and pleasant safari.

  •   Gorilla trekking. The lodge is located close to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park headquarters where briefing gorilla trekking occurs. After the briefing, it is easy to hit the gorilla tracking trail in the company of a professional guide.
  •   Nature walks. You can take a guided nature walk in Bwindi Forest which is a habitat to an innumerable number of bird, butterfly/moths and wildlife species.
  •   Bird watching. Birding is one of the most enjoyable activities to do. Bwindi Forest is a home to over 358 species of birds.
  •   Community Walks. This could be to the closest community of the Batwa pygmies. The Batwa are forest people who derive their survival from forest resources and contributions from well-wishers.

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