Buhoma Lodge Location

Buhoma Lodge is a luxurious accommodation facility located in Buhoma area in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The lodge is located in the Northern part of the park, within a 5-minutes walking distance from the park headquarters. Buhoma Lodge is the ideal accommodation for gorilla trekkers since it lies close to the place where gorilla trekking begins. It is at the park headquarters that all teams desiring to set out into the impenetrable Bwindi forest in a quest for the prized mountain gorillas begin their excursions.

Buhoma Lodge Overview

Buhoma Lodge is a complex of 10 eye-catching cottages, with each cottage being an independent abode with a veranda overlooking the forest and a spacious interior comprised of a sitting room, dining area, bedrooms and ensuite bathroom facilities. Each cottage has a sophisticated yet simple interior decor composed of pieces and furnishings made from local and eco-friendly materials. Buhoma lodge offers a perfect haven for anyone longing for a memorable African experience

Buhoma Lodge Range

Buhoma Lodge is ranked as a luxury/upmarket/expensive accommodation facility.

Buhoma Lodge Facilities

Self-contained chalets

The cottages that comprise Buhoma Lodge are self-supporting. Everything you need is within, from a large comfortable bed, well-furnished sitting room and dining area to a roomy ensuite bathroom with running water and all complimentary bathroom amenities. Also, each cottage is fitted with insect-proof window screens and solar lighting.

Buhoma Lodge Restaurant & bar

The restaurant has a superior cuisine comprising of local and international dishes. Meals are served depending on where you want to dine from. You could, for instance, choose to eat from the dining room, terrace or your room. In most cases, however, the weather determines the suitable place.

The bar offers you all hot beverages, house drinks and bar snacks. You will be able to enjoy all sorts of drinks, from whisky, gin, beer, wine to soda, juice and water. You will also have a chance to sip at and savour the great taste of Uganda’s finest beverage brands

Spa treatment room

Buhoma lodge has a spa treatment room where all overnight guests can go and have a free body massage done by well-trained in-house masseuses. The services offered in the spa treatment room include; pedicures, manicures, facials and reflexology.

24/7 power supply

The remote location of Bwindi Impenetrable forest makes access to hydroelectricity impossible. However, Buhoma lodge avails you with a constant supply of solar power. Solar panels are used to tap energy from the sun which is then converted into solar power to provide light for all rooms.

Running water

While at the lodge, you will have access to a supply of clean water in your bathroom and kitchen. You will be able to do all the cleaning you want with a generous water supply.

Other amenities

  •   3 multiple-course meals per day
  •   Amiable and well-trained staff who are at your service whenever you call
  •   Free WI-FI Internet access
  •   Phone and garget charging
  •   Ample parking space
  •   Body massage for overnight guests (optional)
  •   Laundry and hiking boot cleaning


While staying at the cottages, there is a series of possible activities to do for you enjoy your stay and make your safari a memorable one.

  •   Mountain Gorilla trekking. This is done in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable Park with the aid of guides and porters.
  •   Bird watching. You can do this around your lodge or by walking through the forest. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has over 350 bird species, of which 23 are endemic to the

Albertine rift and about 14 species not recorded anywhere else in Uganda.

  •   Forest walks. You can take an adventurous walk through Bwindi’s impenetrable forest.
  •   Visit the Batwa pygmy community. These are the former and initial inhabitants of Bwindi, they co-existed with the mountain gorillas until the government evicted them to create game parks and reserves. They now live as conservation refugees, a visit to the Batwa community will give you life-long memories; the songs, performances and legends the

Batwa have to tell are memorable.

  •   Curio shopping. There is a curio shop in the area where you can go and buy a few souvenirs; handiworks and crafts made from local and traditional raw materials.
  •   Visit the Bwindi community hospital. This is the main health centre in Bwindi caring for over 100,000 patients. Most of the locals are impoverished and a visit to this hospital will allow you to see the naked and raw Africa.

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