Ntoroko Game Lodge Location and Overview

Ntoroko Game Lodge is situated in Semliki Game Reserve, west of the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountain ranges – Mountains of the Moon.

The lodge is found in Ntoroko district on the shores of Lake Albert and is bordered to South by Fortportal town, to the East by Kibale, and Bundibugyo to the South-West.

The lodge’s location offers a breath-taking view across some of Uganda’s noteworthy attractions; the legendary Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Albert and the natural beach sands, the rolling hills, forests and green savannahs.

Ntoroko Lodge is the ideal starting point for memorable adventures Semliki Game Reserve and Semliki Forest National Park.

Ntoroko Game Lodge Range

Ntoroko Game Lodge is a luxury/upmarket safari accommodation facility.

Ntoroko Game Lodge Facilities


The lodge’s accommodation consists of 5 luxury state of the art tents. All the tents are well furnished with comfortable beds, cushioned chairs and a dining area. The tents are self-contained with ensuite bathrooms fitted with bathtubs, hot water showers, flushing toilets and an assortment of quality toiletries. Each tent has a private patio looking out to Lake Albert and the surrounding pristine wilderness.

Restaurant and bar

Ntoroko Game Lodge has an on-site restaurant which serves local and continental cuisines including complimentary buffet breakfasts every morning. The restaurant has a provision for romantic bush breakfasts and packed lunches for guests going out for adventures in Semliki Forest National Park and the game reserve.

The lodge has a fully stocked bar with a variety of beverages to cater for the varying needs of the guests. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served. Freshly brewed coffee and tea are prepared and served on guest request.

Swimming pool

Ntoroko Game Lodge has a state of the art swimming pool where guests can dive for a swim to relax and unwind especially after a hectic and adventurous day exploring one of Uganda’s pristine wildernesses. The lodge is designed to offer the safari holiday lover and avid naturalist an unforgettable experience.

Good power supply

Ntoroko Game has a supply of electricity in all its facilities. The tents have a good lighting system and power outlets for charging. Guests can perform their business and work-related tasks without any inconveniences. Power blackouts are a rare occurrence at the lodge.

Running water

The lodge has a supply of running water in all its facilities including a supply of both cold and hot water in the ensuite bathrooms. Guests can treat themselves to a hot water bath whenever they want, especially on the cold wilderness mornings.

Other amenities

  • Natural sand beach
  • Laundry services and dry-cleaning
  • Ample parking space
  • Regular Housekeeping
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 security


  • Game drives in Semliki Game Reserve
  • Visiting the Sempaya hot springs in Semliki
  • Boat cruise on Lake Albert
  • Birdwatching excursions in Semliki Valley
  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Bush breakfasts
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Cultural encounters with the Batwa pygmy people
  • Community tours

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